The Start

This is the post excerpt.


The whole purpose of this blog is to help people learn and grow. Now this post is not to dive deep into certain topics  but make known on what I’m trying to constantly learn and improve on.

So when I start to think about learning my mind starts racing because there is so much to learn in this world that it would take more than a lifetime to learn it all. Whenever someone hears the word learn what starts going through your mind. Does your mind start racing about all the possibilities and vast knowledge one can gain.

Everyone uses the internet differently, one can use it for entertainment, time filling, escape or source of knowledge. Personally, I use the internet for a source of knowledge before anything else. The fact that I can know anything or answer any question I have at a click of a button astonishes me. I think that the internet brings new meaning to learning.

One topic that I am trying to improve my knowledge about is effective ways to live a healthy lifestyles without drastic changes in your life. For example going from your daily routine to a strict program that can limit yourself to routines were if you keep at it you will see results. Some other topics that I am always trying to improve on relate directed towards challenging and transforming myself to a more healthy lifestyle. Some key words that I try to keep updated and grow upon are rugby, weight lifting, personal grown, having a positive outlook about yourself, and the list continues. I am always trying to learn and grow then help others do the same, and as stated before I’m not going to go into to much detail but future blogs will revolve around these topics.


What energizes and drains me.

The activities that energize me, some people would consider them draining activities. But these activities energize me in my life and keeps me growing positively. The two activities that energize me the most are playing rugby and weight lifting. The feeling I get after a good workout or after a match is incomparable. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, also feel pumped and ready to go. I don’t know what it is and why I get this feeling but it’s one of the greatest feelings.

The one thing that’s drains me the most is finials and finials week. It’s a week on barely sleeping and getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time. The stress levels are high and a lot of people (including me) are strung out ready to snap. And no matter how much I’m drained from finals I still get that energy from the gym to keep pushing forward and getting everything taken care of.

What do I do?

I was challenged to explain what I do in six words, and I think these six words explain what I do pretty well. “ I play rugby and lift weights.” Now this is a pretty broad statement but it explains me pretty well. The two activities that were mentioned are the top two activities that I devote most of my time too. Other than my schooling these are the activities that shape me.

I put a lot of hard work into these activities and it’s a constant growing year round. Even when I’m not playing rugby or lifting I’m thinking about it or watching and learning more on how to improve. I watch rugby highlights or short videos probably everyday, and that’s the same with lifting. Now for lifting its a little different, because they’re usually videos to help you improve Your workouts and results in the gym.

I would say that I’m pretty passionate about these activities. Also, I would state that my love and passion for these activities will just continue to grow and hope to be able to turn these from activities, hobbies or lifestyles to my career and something I can be doing for the rest of my life.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of people. Most of the people had a huge positive impact on my life. I’m inspired to grow positively almost everyday. Some of the people who inspire me are my old rowing coaches, my rugby team, old rugby players I’ve played with, and then there are people I haven’t met before but what they doin their lives truly inspires me. Some of the others are Arnold Schwarzenegger, various international rugby teams/players and a few bodybuilders/powerlifters/nutrientist around the country and a few around the world. One thing all of these people have in common is that they effected my life for the better and continue to effect my life for the better.

Now as the prompt for this week states it’s an inspiration tree where my biggest inspirers are also inspired by the others I mentioned. My rugby team is inspired by professional rugby players to grow and better themselves in the game. Some not only do these groups of people inspire myself they also inspire others in my group, which make it a constant circle of growth. I believe if you surround yourself with like minded people who encourage you to grow and prosper then you found that right group of people. And I believe I have; a group that can inspired each other to growth as one unit. B74BEB29-BF1E-48DC-B185-DAFBCE171D4B


I have to admit that I do procrastinate and I probably do it alittle more than I should. My scapegoat for procrastinating is my PS4, and lifting is another activity that I’m usually doing instead of anytging I actually have to do. Now I don’t really think lifting fits in but kinda does when I go to the gym instead of doing my actual work, but then again when I go to the gym I get work done so it’s kinda of a two way street. On the other hand my PlayStation is a big factor from my procrastination. For example I may go to the gym, come back and get cleaned up, but then I have a habit of thanking a seat and playing some games for awhile. But I would have to say that playing video games is a good way to relax and take a load off, sometimes you can get alittle angry with the game but in the end it is just a game. So even though procrastinating isn’t really good, it doesn’t mean that you can still be productive through your procrastination.

Take a look at this little interactive story my group made in digital media class. Now I don’t want to give to much away, but this story is a gruesome thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Where you choose the path you take and can have different outcomes depending on your path. The story was created by all three of us meshing ideas together, the construction of the story line was put together using twine and was uploaded by our group memeber cassie. This is the link for the story.


What’s in the basement

This weeks prompt was alittle out there but I want to see if the reader is able to pick out what is real and what is fiction. To be able to determine what is an illusion and what is really there.

So in my place I have this staircase that leads to a very secret place. It’s a secret basement you can call it. Now your probably thinking that it’s just an ordinary basement maybe a washer and a dryer and that’s about it but I’d have to say your wrong. Because there is a lot more that goes on in this basement than meets the eye. Now I’m not going to disclose what’s actually in this basement, I’d figure I’ll let your minds race a bit. A lot of weird stuff happens in that basement, you never know what your going to see. 31D803DC-97D8-48D7-82BD-564717BBF19B.jpeg

“Stop and take it all in”

A lot has happened in my life recently. I have been beaten down mentally and physically and have just been bogged down with a lot. Usually I can go and think things through at the gym and be able to piece my life together. Recently I have gotten an injury that has stripped me away from not only that piece I have but also from my other outlet which is Rugby. I was finding it hard to truly think and reflect. Until I realized that even though with my injury there is still a way for me to reflect and think to help myself overcome these obstacles. One place on campus truly does that which is the rugby field, I can truly find peace and reflect with myself there. Even during a game I can find peace and meaning, this game has truly opened my eyes and changed my life for the better.

There’s no point to let anything bring you down. It’s better to grow and over come these obstacles because it makes you stronger and you are able to have positive growth. I try to think and reflect on my life as much as possible and be able to have positive growth in my life.

Location narrative

My location narrative is located on my linked Instagram account. It’s based on a true story and this is a story I fortunately got to witness this. The story is about the growth of Upj Rugby and how the club team came from nothing, barely staying a float, to an undefeated championship team. B269B7E6-441F-495C-B12D-99AA0181E5AD.jpeg